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Repliche Rolex Submariner 114060-40 MM

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Per uomo

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Marca : Rolex
Range : Submariner
Modellolololo : 114060
Genere : Per uomo
Movimento : Automatico
Dimensione della cassa : 40 MM
Materiale della cassa : Acciaio
Materiale del cinturino : Acciaio (Oyster)
Tipo di quadrante : Nero
Resistente all’acqua : Impermeabile per attivita quotidiane

5 recensioni per Repliche Rolex Submariner 114060-40 MM

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    I like this Rolex because it is sporty looking and is the perfect millimeter size for my wrist 40mm. It also keeps perfect time and is an automatic watch so you never have to wind it. The dial glows well in the dark so you can see the dial in the lite or the dark well. I bought this watch because I know that Rolex watches are the best.

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    This Rolexl,I just love it! Top seller, top watch. IStainless steel is my favorite and it keeps value over time.

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    This watch is a must-have. The Rolex in Stainless Steel simply works with everything attire-wise, has presence, and can go anywhere above or below sea level. It fits under a dress shirt, hangs out well by the pool and goes with your favorite pair of jeans. It is elegant and sophisticated, at the same time you can do any sports activity while wearing it. I love this watch.

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    I am wearing it right now!! What can I say other than thank you!

  5. Valutato 5 su 5


    Beautiful watch !!!! Good investment !!!!!!!

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